We are located at 755 Harmston Ave in Courtenay, BC


The Old Church Theatre Society, was formed in 1992 to purchase the Canadian Martyrs Roman Catholic Church to preserve it from imminent destruction. Built in 1938, it had become the spiritual home of thousands of Comox Valley residents, as well as a landmark in the community. Parishioners and many other community residents felt a strong desire to have the old church building preserved as a part of the Comox Valley heritage. 


Educate and raise the artistic awareness of the public-at-large through the medium of theatrical, musical, and literary presentations and artistic displays; 

Train and educate young people and adults in the various disciplines of the performing, literary and visual arts; 
Make the facilities of the Society available to artists and other organizations to educate and/or to raise the artistic flavour of the community; 

Preserve the historical integrity and to restore the exterior of the former Canadian Martyrs Church. 

The inscription on the cornerstone of The Old Church reads: “D.O.M.-1938”. The letters “D.O.M.” represent the Latin phrase, “Deo Optima Maxima” which means “to God, the Best, and the Greatest”. 

On May 16, 1998, this building was rededicated with a paraphrase of the original cornerstone inscription: “The Old Church Theatre – Pursuing the Best and The Greatest of Our Cultural Arts.”